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The U.S. 2014 Profile of Older Americans found that one in every seven persons was an older adult (65+) in 2013, and by 2040, this will increase to one in every four individuals. Moreover, 80% of older adults (65+) have one chronic condition, and these conditions are the leading causes of their death. Many of these older adults live in their homes and communities, not an institutional setting. How will these individuals age in their environment is a growing concern?


Dynamic Solution for the Aging, LLC has the answer!


We create solutions through interconnections. We work with individuals, groups, organizations, institutions to design and implement effective and efficient community-based service delivery models for aging projects that intersect with psychology, biology, sociology, political, housing, economics, architecture, anthropology, and healthcare that address unmet aging in community demands.


We provide leadership and support to individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions in the field of aging. We are devoted to delivering aging projects that emphasize seniors in today's society.




We develop opportunities to design innovative community-based aging projects that establish and keep persons' independence relevant. Our services include consultation, project management, and program development that deliver effective and efficient projects to facilitate positive results for age in community efforts. We strive to provide leadership and support to individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions in the field of aging.





We want to help extend home and community longevity for the aging population through the promotion of greater outreach efforts, stronger collaborations and partnerships, better community connections, and educate individuals on aging issues, development, services, and programs.


















We target groups, organizations, and institutions that seek to impact aging through research, education, and practice. We also focus on individuals and their unmet aging in place needs while removing barriers that prevent them from accessing available resources for successful aging in home and community.


We value dignity and quality of life for aging individuals, who seek to live independently within their homes and neighborhoods.



We are located at:

Dynamic Solutions for the Aging, LLC

1885 Tubman Road SEWashington, DC 20020

Phone/Fax: (888) 600-1550














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