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Dynamic Solutions for the Aging, LLC develops opportunities to design innovative aging products for community-based individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions.


Our products are programs and services:


  •  Project Management

  •  Programming and Development

  •  Case Management

  •  Advocacy

  •  Outreach Coordination

  •  Assessment/Surveys

  •  Data Outcome Analysis & Evaluations



Our specialized areas of expertise:


  •  Mental Wellness

  •  Health Services

  •  Property Management Readiness

  •  Supportive Service Networking

  •  Care Coordination & Services

  •  Relationship Building

  •  Kinship Care Acclimation

  •  LBGTQ Diversity Awareness

  •  Cultural Competence

  •  Social Engagement

  •  Village Innovations






















Our business advantages:

  • Designing, establishing and implementng dynamic aging service products that

       interconnect individuals, and supportng stakeholders, that require assistance;

  • Developing solutions with some holistic human service methodologies that expand aging

       in community efforts;

  • Creatng new innovative conceptual frameworks for the aging process;

  • Facilitating cutting edge, person-centered, and cultural competence instructional

       segments for aging personnel; and,

  • Forming collaborative partnerships for health & wellness, employment, and social and

       civic engagement opportunies












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