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Media Solutions


The name of our program is the VASTP Multimedia Media Training. VASTP stands for

Video, Animation, Sound, Text, and Pictures. The VASTP program is geared towards all ages,

ranging from schools to churches and organizations. The main objective of the program is to

teach the students media literacy and hands on technical skills using video camera equipment to

film their creative ideas or document events. The students will learn animation of logos, text or

objects, and they will learn how to create their own music productions using the latest high tech

software. Students will also learn how to record vocals to their music using digital audio

workstation software. The VASTP program also teaches students how to write scripts and create

storyboards in order to better prepare their film projects and to ensure projects are properly

planned and executed. Students will also learn digital photography using programs such as

Photoshop to digitally manipulate pictures wherever their imagination leads them.

The VASTP Program can be implemented as an after school program or it can be used

as a career technical education component. Our company ran the Multimedia Department at

Young America Works PCS and was therefore very successful in drawing potential recruits to the

school, mainly because of the multimedia curriculum taught at the school. We directed multimedia

students in creating marketing material such as TV commercials, promotional DVD's, and radio

ads for Y.A.W. PCS. This gave students opportunities to utilize their multimedia skills in a practical

real world setting

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